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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great article for CRE brokers on how to create a presentation!
Check this out:

It is 7:00 in the morning and it's freezing outside, but I'm at my Wisconsin lake house and the view is beautiful. As I gaze out the window all I see is white; even the lake has a white cast to it because it's frozen. For a split second I wish I had my ice skates with me. Then intelligence kicks in and I realize the ice probably isn't that thick and I'd just fall through and be even colder!

So, I switch my gaze to the warm fire glowing in the fireplace and a big idea hits me. After pondering how to write an article for my newsletter readers that will knock their socks off, it comes to me. If I could tell you how to win more listings without fail, it would increase your commissions and you'd be delighted (and maybe even begin to really look forward to my newsletter). This is a win-win idea.

Therefore, I have outlined 27 Steps to a Winning Commercial Real Estate Sales Presentation. Now you may feel many of these are small or minor ideas, but none-the-less they are all still an important part of the process. Here goes:

  1. Do your research - identify the prospect's primary problem (no problem, no need for the appointment) and be prepared with a solution. Just because a prospect has agreed to meet with you doesn't guarantee there is a need to fill. Be clear there is a valid problem for you to solve before setting up a meeting.
  2. When you are setting up a specific time to present, be clear you need ALL of the key decision makers present. This avoids having to re-present or having the details conveyed incorrectly in your absence.
  3. Ask enough questions ahead of time to be certain you can prepare for the meeting appropriately.
  4. Google the company and each person planning to attend the meeting or of importance to the company. Hopefully this will cut out any surprises, as well as potentially impress the prospect.
  5. Dress professionally; first impressions do matter.
  6. Be a few minutes early; this allows you to get acclimated and gather your thoughts before you begin. If you arrive on time or even late, you are forced to go directly into presentation mode.
  7. Smile during the presentation - this conveys warmth, trust, comfort, enjoyment and a pleasant disposition in general.
  8. Once you've arrived, re-establish the upfront contract. State why you are meeting, what you hope to accomplish, and how long you plan to spend together. Verify that everyone is on the same page; this is often overlooked.
  9. Be prepared and have an agenda. A lack of preparation is an automatic deal killer.
  10. Be sure your presentation is professional and error free. However, don't get stuck in perfection. Good enough is good enough.
  11. Make a presentation binder to leave behind - this also helps you to prepare. Your presentation should include:
    1. A summary of the problem and your suggested solution
    2. Maps, demographics, and photos
    3. Your suggested marketing campaign (This is a place to shine!)
    4. Competition
    5. Comps
    6. Expectations (Most brokers leave this out, but if you are clear with your expectations the relationship will go more smoothly.)
    7. A list of potential challenges
    8. Letters of recommendation or testimonials
    9. A sample list of users (when appropriate)
    10. Success stories from other clients who have experienced similar problems. Describe the problem, the action taken, and the successful result.
    11. Timeline
    12. Your contact information, as well as information on any other team member (including admin).
    13. Listing agreement


  1. Don't focus on too many points when presenting orally; pick a few points and focus on them. After all, you are leaving behind a presentation book for their review.
  3. If you get stuck, take a deep breath and ask a question. This will give you a few moments to gather your thoughts, check your notes, and re-focus your presentation.
  4. ALWAYS USE NOTE CARDS. Zig Zigler practiced before every single presentation, even though he had given the same presentation hundreds of times.
  5. Allow for and even invite interaction during the presentation. Some presenters don't like interaction. However, it would be a shame to deliver the entire "show" only to discover you're off track and missed the boat, especially since you could have switched gears if you had known (based on the dialogue during an interactive presentation ). Client interaction will also keep them from being bored.
  6. Before you present, prepare a checklist of items to be covered (use an index card for this). Then periodically check it.
  7. Admit ignorance. If you don't know the answer, don't fudge it. Just graciously inform the prospect(s) you will get the answer and forward it to them immediately.
  8. Ask who your competition is; in fact praise them when possible.
  9. Be Truthful at all times. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Trust is key for a lasting and successful business relationship.
  10. Convey knowledge, enthusiasm, expertise, a willingness to serve, and finally - the ability to deliver the best solution for the client in the least amount of time and with the best price.
  11. Before launching into a close, understand the approval process. Review who's involved and ask what the timeline for decision-making is.
  12. When closing -- recap, be concise and confident, and know you offer the best solution. Don't be afraid to close by asking for a decision on the spot. ASK FOR THE BUSINESS. Too many brokers make this mistake. If you don't do this, your competitors will.
  13. Don't forget to have a copy of your listing agreement prepared ahead of time and available. Present the listing agreement and, if possible, get a signature.
  14. Provide a specific window of time that you are committed to being available in the event any questions arise, and then tell the client exactly how to reach you.
  15. Don't oversell.
  16. Finally, FOLLOW UP!

Good luck.
Cindy Spivack

10:54 pm est

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